Bridging the gap between art and science

Luke Pearson


Hello, and thanks for visiting! My work revolves primarily around sound recording & design, soundscape research, and ecological conservation. Most of my past work has been centered around production and post-production sound for multi-media projects like film, games, podcasts, etc. I also have an extensive background in music, and have worked in the past as a music producer and composer.

I studied electronic production and sound design at Berklee College of Music. I have done sound work for a variety of projects including indie films and student designed games as well as VR applications in collaboration with the MIT/Harvard Media Labs. Although I specialize in environmental and nature recording, I have sound experience in a wide range of media projects. Regardless of your creative medium or aspirations, don't hesitate to reach out!


In more recent times I have pursued research in the fields of wildlife biology and acoustic ecology, as I look to use my educational and professional experiences with sound recording and acoustics to give direction to my love and passion for our planet and it’s inhabitants with whom we share it. Among other contributing causes, global climate change is almost certainly an influence on growing noise pollution. As we as a species become more and more advanced, so too should our desire and ability to understand and appreciate our evolutionary neighbors. With the development and implementation of acoustic monitoring and research, I believe we stand a stronger, more efficient chance at preserving the world. Much like light, sound travels faster through warmer air. As we continue to turn up the heat, the world hosts fewer and fewer undisturbed ecosystems and respective soundscapes. This has sparked my quest for promoting a more natural world; a world consisting of lukewarm sound.